About us

Trixell is a joint venture engaged in the innovation, development and production of X-ray flat panel digital detectors designed for a wide range of medical applications in radiology.

Trixell is a 25 year old joint venture between Thales (51%), Philips Healthcare (24.5%) and Siemens Healthineers (24.5%), each of which are in the top 5 companies of the medical imaging market in their own right.

As the #1 worldwide supplier of large-format digital detectors for general radiography, fluoroscopy and cardiovascular, Trixell is a well-recognised member of the high-tech medical imaging industry.

Trixell's range of platform-based detectors allows greater flexibility across a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, Trixell's technology has become the market standard, guaranteeing the best image quality along with unrivalled dose reduction for the patient, thanks to a dedicated 8,100 m² production plant including 2,000 m² of clean rooms.


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