4343 RG-E

4343 RG-E: Digital flat-panel detector which offers high performance with a capability for new exam modes

Whether being installed in a Bucky tray, a wall stand, or mounted on an U-arm system, the 4343 RG-E generates high quality images at a low dose. The key parameter which defines the image quality is DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency). Its DQE is not only high at a high dose and low spatial frequency (0 to 1 lp/mm) but also high at a low dose (down to 1 µGy or below) and high spatial frequency in the 1 to 2 lp/mm range, which represents most of the details that contribute to the diagnosis.

This detector benefits from the experience acquired by Trixell with the tens of thousands of 4600s (the first detector in the family) installed worldwide and very high reliability proven in the field. 4343 RG-E detector offers a long lasting calibration and a non-deterioration of image quality over the time. This detector is available in Gadox technology.

•  Optimum pixel size

•  Optimal balance between radiation dose and image quality

•  Highly robust 

•  Simplified design facilitates easy integration into X-ray systems

•  Data transmitted between detector and system by simple Ethernet link

•  Only a single 24 V supply

  • 4343 RG-E
  • 4343 RG-E